Welcome to the pack

Lone Wolf Help is a PC NA guild built up from solo players who knew sometimes you need a hand. We have grown over the years and are still as social as ever!

The Guild

Need a hand with a pesky boss? Perhaps you could use a little help farming some gear? Or maybe you just want a fishing buddy? Then Lone Wolf Help is for you! We are a solo guild where help is just a howl away.

The Beginning

A newcomer wanders aimlessly through Tamriel. She works hard to defeat the Daedra and any other monsters that came her way. But when she came to a monster so strong, so horrific, she plead and screamed for passerby’s to help her and one ever came. So she decided to create a new guild, one who would welcome everyone.

The latest and greatest!

Latest News

New Website

Hey there! I have done a makeover on the Lone Wolf Help Website! This is more just general information about the guild, and won’t hold anything such as the events …


Hello Lone Wolves! Lone Wolf Help PC has started the transition to Discord from TeamSpeak 3! Discord will completely replace our TeamSpeak 3 Server and the TS server will be …