1.6 – Champion System and Enlightment

Well another HUGE thing coming with the update 6 is the champion system! This system is geared towards players who are in the veteran ranks. It is essentially a whole new tree that you can puts points into more passives.

Will I get champion points when the update 6 happens?
If you have a VR character, yes. You will receive 1 champion point for every 200 000 XP you have earned in veteran ranks. If you have a VR2 with 50 000XP, you would receive 5 champion points. The most champion points you can earn from the conversion is 70. When update 6 happens, if you have multiple VR’s, you will need to log into each one so the points get added.

How do I get points once this goes live?
You earn champion points by earning XP. You will notice a new small xp bar under your “level” bar, which will show how close or far you are away from earning champion points.

I don’t play very much, I am a lone wolf you know! Will I earn them even close to others?
Yes! With the champion system they are also adding something called ‘enlightment’. Enlightment will ensure you gain XP used for champion points (it won’t help you level up faster), at 4x the normal rate. You gain elightment every day, whether you are online or offline. As well, you can store up to 3 days worth of enlightment. (If you leave on vacation with no enlightment, come back after a week, you will only have 3 days worth sitting on your account)

Day 1: You gain today’s enlightment, which is 400,000. From now on, every bit of xp you earn for the championship system is multiplied by 4.
Kill a mob – 250XP. 250XP will go to your regular XP bar for levelling, 1000XP will go towards your championship XP bar.
Once you earn 100,000 regular XP, you will run out of enlightment, and will get the same amount of xp towards the championship as the xp towards your levelling.
Day2: You gain today’s elightment, repeat day 1.

Example 2:
Day 1: You gain today’s enlightment. You play for awhile but only gain 50,000XP, therefore gained 200,000XP towards your next championship point. You log off.
Day 2: You log in today to find you have today’s enlightment (400,000XP) PLUS the 200,000XP you did not use the previous day. You will now be able to play for longer before running out of enlightment.
Day 3: You log in today to find today’s enlighment. If you spent all your enlightment yesterday, you only get today’s 400000. If you only played some yesterday, you receive today’s and still have yesterdays leftover enlightment.

You can store up to 1,200,000 enlightment. Either by not logging in at all for days to play, or by just not using all your enlightment and it slowly rolling over and adding to the next day.

The championship system will now be needed to be thought about if you normally pay attention to the build. There are many passives available that will directly influence your character. Most passives have to do with your characters such as speed, armor, damage etc. although there are a few passives that are for your mounts and for crafting.

Phew, I think that’s all. This is obviously not everything on this new system, but Deltia has a fantastic guide wrote up on the specifics! He goes into the tree’s and show exactly what you can spend your championship points on.. go check it out here!

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