1.6 Provisioning News

Well, we will be seeing a LOT of changes coming with 1.6. I will be posting a few articles on what will be coming with it. What I have looked into most on the PTS is provisioning, so that is where I will begin.

New “target” date for 1.6 is March 2nd. This is just a target date. No guarantee.

In 1.6 there will be less ingredients. Most of your ingredients will get converted over to new ingredients. Oats and tomatoes will be converted to new ingredients, but will still be extremely rare and used for purple recipes.

What happens to the ingredients that do not get converted?
These ingredients will turn into “old ingredients. They will be useless in the new system and will sell for 10 gold each.

Do I need to worry about this? Are any expensive ingredients going to turn “old”?
For the most part, you do not need to worry. Many ingredients will be converted, but pepper will be turning old. It is recommended that you cook everything you can to use up your pepper before 1.6.

Will my food and drinks also go old?
No. No food or drinks will become useless like ingredients. Some food will even upgrade to nice shiny new VR10 foods! So feel free to keep cooking.

Will all my learned recipes be no good and I will need to find all the new recipes again?
No. All your known recipes (and recipes you have in your bag/bank etc.) will be converted to new recipes. So recipes you know will convert to one of the new recipes. Green recipes appear to cross over correctly (an old level 10 stamina food will still be a green level 10 food, just with a different name and different ingredients). Blue/Purple recipes seem to be a bit more confusing though. They never convert down (a blue recipe will not convert to a green recipe) although the level may change.

Will recipes be hard to find in 1.6?
This is hard to say. All looting in towns/lived in houses will now be considered stealing. This takes up a huge amount of furniture where recipes (and motifs!) are usually found. You may steal, but it won’t be as quick as current looting. Although it has been confirmed recipes now also drop from mobs! We will need to see, but chances are recipes will become slightly more rare.

How can I get ingredients in 1.6?
Although the justice system will be in place, there will still be loads of places to aquire ingredients! Any crates/barrels in delves and dungeons will still be free, as well as random ones found in the non-populated world. As well, fresh produce (carrots, lettuce etc.) will be able to be purchased from grocers for 150 gold each.

There has been a fantastic spreadsheet made up to show what recipes and ingredients will convert to, as well to show what ingredients will become old. Check it out here.

In all, I think all the provisioning changes have been great. In 1.6 you will have far less ingredients to store, and there will no longer be alliance specific ingredients for lower levels. No more level 20 ingredients taking up your precious bag space!

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below and I will do my best to answer!

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