This is our story…

A new comer to ESO was aimlessly wandering through Tamriel working hard to defeat the Daedra and any other monsters that came her way. She came to a monster so strong, so horrific, she was defeated multiple times, pleading and screaming for passerby’s to help her. She then realized no one was coming, they were loyal to a guild and didn’t come to assist weak high elf strangers in strife. She decided to walk away from the battle in search of a guild she could join, so she too could enjoy the perks of having a family.. help defeating the daedra, a store to sell her crafted wares, even just some folk to chat with as she worked hard keeping Auridon a safe place. After what seemed like a million miles, she became aware that all guilds had a rule set posted on their doors which made her not welcome.

“Must attend 3 guild events per week”

“”Must be level 30+”

“Must always have minimum 10 items in the store at all times”

“Vampires Only”

The lonely high elf could not promise any of these things. She had a job, a family, other things to tend to. After many more signs, and many more miles, she finally decided to create a new guild, one who would welcome everyone, regardless of their level or activity in the Tamriel war. She searched for an empty hall to call home and hung a sign on the door..

“Everyone welcome!”

The guild quickly grew, 50 members had joined in a matter of hours of it’s opening. Everyone bonded, and everyone knew they were welcome and would feel at home here.