Looking for some great add-ons? Check out our guild recommended add-ons below! Have a great add-on you don’t see here? Recommend it in the comment section below!


Minion Add-On Manager

This is not technically an add-on, but definitely the first thing you should get if you are interested in any add-ons. All add-ons available on esoui.com are available through the Minion Add-On Manager, as well, it helps you keep all your add-ons up to date. If you plan on using Minion, download it first, as it does not always find all the add-ons you previously installed. Add-ons can be installed directly from this manager, as well it has a handy update button when there is an add-on you have that needs to be updated.


Wykkyd’s Framework

This add-on is a base for other add-ons, as well has many features on it’s own.It gives you a great completely customizable toolbar, everything from an xp bar to the next level, horse feeding timer, and research timer! As well as the regulars.. bag space, gold, etc. It also has a built in quest tracker that is quite handy.If you’re looking for a general addition to give you the info you were used to in other mmo’s, definitely download this one!



If you are an avid looter and have autoloot turned on, this is the perfect add-on for you! It graphically displays what was just looted, no more wondering where that goldmine for recipes you hit was! It is extremely helpful, but also small and out of the way. It will never restrict your vision or battles.


Minimap by Fyrakin

This add-on does exactly what you think it does.. it adds a minimap to your UI. Very handy for people coming from other MMO’s who are not used to the compass style directions. The plugin for this map adds more features such as pins, group members, and make the map resizable.



Research Buddy/Research Assistant

Both of these add-ons essentially do the same thing, which one is a matter of preference. Both add-ons will show a small icon beside items to show if you have yet the research the trait, as well if you have multiple items with the same trait that still needs to be researched. Research buddy has minimal support for guild store, it shows any item with a trait you have not researched in the guild bank with a blue icon, although this does not mention if you already have an item in inventory with that trait. Research assistant also has support to make intricate and ornate items with a special marker. Give them a try and pick your favourite!


Sous Chef

This add-on is fantastic for all the chefs of ESO! It will show you what recipes you do not know, or if another character already knows that recipe. It will also let you choose to show only available recipes that are worth your while in XP to bother making, or help you track to keep a shopping list of ingredients you are on the hunt for!


Harvest Map

For every craft, there are nodes that need to be harvested. This handy map add-on helps you track where you have harvest all kinds of nodes, with a different icon for each craft type. These can be hidden in map view if you prefer, and only added on when you are out specifically harvesting. You can also have an icon show up in your compass showing nearby harvest nodes.As is, this add-on only shows where harvest nodes are if you harvested them since installing this add-on. There is a database available to import all currently know nodes at


Battle or PvP

Foundry Tactical Combat

This great add-on is a ui enhancement to help you constantly be aware of what is happening is battle, what is working, and what is not. There is a scrolling combat text, as well as active buff tracking and custom unit frames so none of it takes away the heat of the battle. It was also give you a a breakdown of your damage and healing statistics with the hit of a single hotkey button.




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