Beta Members – Did you know?

It has been awhile since we have thoroughly talked about the ranks within the guild. There is a page dedicated to describing all the ranks here, as well a roster where you can learn who all our fantastic officers are, and what they focus on. I would like to draw some attention to our Beta rank.

Beta members are a great place for anyone who wants to help out with the guild, but cannot make the commitment an officer needs to make. Although not quite officers, beta members are guild members who have shown a fair amount of interest and time in the guild. Members may be given the promotion to Beta for their current activities, or can request to be promoted by taking on a very small responsibility within the guild. Things that can give you a promotion or you can ask to do to earn one are…

-Being exceptionally helpful with players in the guild. Answering questions, offering advice etc.

-Running a minimum of one event per month, preferably two
-We would love to see an Ebonheart Pact and Daggerfall Covenant member step up to run a couple group dungeon/pledge nights!

-Actively recruiting members in and/or out of game. (Posting in zone chat, inviting friends or people you have met in groups, advertising and promoting the guild on website forums)

-Being a master crafter in at least one of the crafts, with regularly taking orders through the forums, website form, and guild chat. Also to promote this service to members.

-And much more! Rather than having many big roles, I would love to have many members help out in a small way. This is our guild after all!

Please apply on the beta form if you already do, or would like to help the guild out in a small way. The list above is not complete, feel free to suggest other things!

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