DC – Craglorn Tuesday

Daggerfall Covenant is ready to start Lower Craglorn questing!

As many of you know once you reach VR1 you can hitch a ride to Belkarth in Craglorn from Wayrest and pick up a new questline to discover why all the constellations have disappeared from the Tamriel sky. You also quickly find out all the mobs are VR11 or higher! Unlike most of Tamriel, the quests in Craglorn require groups not only to help you survive, but to open doors and other various activities including the group delves spread throughout the zone.

Starting this Tuesday, February 3rd @5:00MST, we will begin grouping up and questing in Lower Craglorn. There are 5 main quest we will be working on, “The Corrupted Stone”, “The Shattered And The Lost”, “The Warrior’s Call”, “Elemental Army”, and “The Missing Guardian”. ¬†Also, while we are out questing you will be able to pick up skyshards and work on achievements!

So, bring your DC Veterans on Tuesdays as we progress through Craglorn’s many adventures!!

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