Did You Know? – AD Events Manager position open

Did you know? That even though Lone Wolf Help is an established guild in ESO that started back in May… we are still looking for officers!

This week we are looking at promoting the ADĀ Events Manager position!

Although we do appreciate if all officers moderate chat, recruit members and promote the guild; the main focus of this position is planning and coordinating events for members in the AD faction.

-Leading events for the AD faction characters (variety of event type and levels)
-Coordinating member run AD events and ensuring the events are properly promoted/advertised within the guild and added to the website calendar.
-Encouraging members to run events
-Following up on the website/LWH forums/in game chat on what happened during the events. Announce winners if needed.

-Ensure at a minimum 2 events are run for the AD faction per month (whether led by yourself or others)
-Have a Aldmeri Dominion character that is level 50 or higher. (may be able to bend this rule a bit)
-Be a gamma member (or have applied to be) before applying for the officer position.

If you feel this position would be right for you please apply here. If you think this position may fit you in the future but aren’t sure now, look into becoming a Beta member as that would be a great stepping stone to the position.

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