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I have decided to start a little category that I will randomly update with features of the guild. This may let you know about a feature in our website.. a contest going on, or anything that has to do with the guild!

Did you know that Lone Wolf Help has a crafting request form?

This is a new feature that has been added to the new website. You may request any set armor you like, ¬†with whatever traits you like! The guild will supply the trait stones, common racial style stones, and even the material (ingot, hide etc.) if we have it available! All you need to supply is your improvement materials! We can also trade in your improvement materials if you have a ton of another professions that you don’t use. (Example – ) Just fill out the form and enjoy the game and one of the guilds skilled crafter will contact you with any questions or just the quantity of each item you need to supply!

This feature is available in the forums and well directly through the website.

If you are an avid crafter and would like to partake, just check the forum topic for any requests, but also be sure to reply to the topic stating it is being taken care of! I can also add you to the mailing list the form on the website uses.

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