Did You Know? Guild Tabards!

Yet another informative post from our Did You Know? series. This time we are letting you know all about the guild tabard and how to get one!

What is a guild tabard? A guild tabard is created by the guild and can be worn by your character over their armor in the ‘costume’ slot.

Why do we have a guild tabard? We have a guild tabard to show our pride of being part of the LWH guild, as well to make it more clear that we are a group! They can be warn at any time, but we really love when members wear them during guild events!

How was the tabard chosen? After many many screenshots… the guild voted on the tabard style and colours. The symbol was not voted on upon as a Wolf was immediately deemed appropriate.

How do I get a guild tabard? Just head to your local bank! Once you start a conversation with the banker, select “Guild Store” and ensure you are looking at the Lone Wolf Help store. You can see instructions on the bottom of the screen for how to change stores. Before doing any searches, the only items showing should be the guild tabard! If this does not show, you can select the ‘guild items’ category and hit search.

How much does a tabard cost?
Unfortunately guild tabards do cost 2000 gold. You do not need to buy one per character though, as you may keep it in the bank and move it to a different character when need be.

I can’t afford that! Is there any other way to get one? Sure is! Here at LWH we love that members want to show off what guild they are a part of! Please speak to @MissBizz and a tabard may be purchased by the guild for you. This is a per case basis.

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