Did You Know? How to move up in the guild!

If you are wondering how exactly you can get a promotion in the Lone Wolf Help guild, this article will explain it all to you!

Upon joining, all members are in the Omega rank. We do ask that all members fill out the Omega Application. You will not be removed from the guild or turned down from this application in any way! This is just a way for us to gather info about everyone’s character for the member notes, as well get some feedback on the guild and find out more about our members! Before attempting to receive any promotion, you must have fill out the Omega application at some point in time – Even if you have been with Lone Wolf Help for a long time. If you don’t remember, a good way to check is to look at your name in the guild roster, if you have member notes about you, you have filled out the omega application! Omega members do not have access to the guild bank at all, although they do have access to buy and sell items in the guild store, use guild chat, and claim keeps and resources in Cyrodiil.

If you have found yourself feeling at home with us, and are looking to rank up within the guild. You may apply for the Gamma rank by filling out the gamma application form here on the website. Gamma members retain all the privileges they had as an Omega member, as well they now can withdraw from the guild bank, and release resources/keeps in Cyrodiil. Once you have filled out an application, an officer of the guild will be in contact with you – this could take a few days. When deciding on promoting someone to gamma, we look for active members that have been friendly and helpful within the guild, as well someone that is trustworthy.

If you are looking into really helping with the guild, you can apply for the Beta rank! Beta rank promotions can be given without a member applying, although this is rare. Beta members are extra helpful within the guild, although not always with the same thing. Some Beta members may help out mostly with chat moderation, or others may hold at least 1 event per month – there are tons of ways you can help out with the guild! Beta members retain all previous privileges as well also have the ability to promote/demote members for chat moderation purposes. These members are normally very active within the guild.

The next rank in the roster would be for an Officer position! There are a variety of officer positions within the guild, as well we are always open to sub-officers so that the duties of each position can be shared. We are currently looking for an AD Events Manager, as well as a Trials Leader for each faction! These positions can by applied for via the Officer application form.

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