Did you know Lone Wolf Help has TeamSpeak 3?

Another great Did you know? post!

Today we are letting you know about Team Speak 3!

What is Teamspeak?
Teamspeak is a voice communication program! Instead of have to type out a long story in the guild chat, or having to keep an eye on chat while in a dungeon to see if anyone yells they died, you can just talk to each other! This makes all conversations have a bit more life to them, as you can tell an emotion a lot clearer through voice than text. As well, dungeons will because so much easier when you can work together while fighting, because there is no need to attempt to type in the middle of a boss fight to explain the mechanic!

How much does it cost?
Teamspeak does not cost you anything! The server is paid by MissBizz for a small amount of money each month, but all guildmates can use it for free!

How do I get Teamspeak?
To get teamspeak you need to head to their website and download it. There is a handy set-up guide available on the website, as well we have it linked in a forum thread. Feel free to ask questions in the forum thread, or in guild chat, if you need help getting it up and running!

Where is the log in information?
You can find the server name and password to log in on the “About Guild” section in game. To get there, just press G to bring up the guild window, ensure it’s Lone Wolf Help in the top left corner (if it’s not, click the guild name and select it) and on the bottom half of the window will be the TS3 server!

I don’t have a microphone.. seems kind of pointless.
It’s not! During guild events we have a blast chatting with each other, and it’s tough to ensure we say everything out loud as well as in the game chat. The more people listening in to TS3 the better, that way people on TS3 can speak and know everyone in the group is able to hear them, as well, people using game chat can respond by using the guild chat!

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