Did you know? PR Agent/Head of Recruitment Position Open

Another great post from our Did You Know? series! This time we are promoting an open officer position! The role we are looking to fill with be our PR (Public Relations) and Head of Recruitment. Wondering what exactly that is? Read below to find out!

-Advertising/promoting the guild on outside sources (ESO forums, tamriel foundry etc.)
-Ensuring all requests/questions from those outside sources are taken care of/answered.
-Inviting members who apply via the website Omega application form and outside sources
-Updating member notes upon receiving Omega application form
-Give recommendations for promotions
-Recruit in game

-Knowledge of LWH guild
-Are or have applied for Gamma status
-Willing to install an add-on (will make recruiting in game MUCH easier)

If you are interested in this position please apply here. If you are thinking about it and right now just want to help out a bit, feel free to apply for Beta status as we are always looking for people to recruit!

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