Hello Lone Wolves!

Lone Wolf Help PC has started the transition to Discord from TeamSpeak 3! Discord will completely replace our TeamSpeak 3 Server and the TS server will be shut down in January, so please aquatint yourself with Discord!

Discord has a few great features over TS. There is no limit to the amount of users that can be online at once, the voice quality is fantastic, there is text chat available as well as private messaging. The text chat is extremely useful for contacting anyone outside of game (maybe at work or at home).  Wondering how you would do it from work? Well Discord is able to be used via web browser (including voice chat) as well has an app for your phone. There is a windows program available for your PC with a much more robust feature-set than the browser variation Рwhich uses minimal resources (less than TS3 does).

If you are not yet set up with Discord, be sure to check out MOTD in game for an invitet link, or speak to an officer! We can help you check it out and get everything set up (even though it’s pretty user friendly).


Hope to see you all on there!

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