Drunken Fishing! June 23rd

It’s time for another Drunken Fishing Event!

This is exactly what it sounds like, everyone splits off into smaller groups, though all stay together in Discord voice chat. We turn ESO Fishing into a drinking game! The plan is for this event to take part in Summerset due to the new motifs, but if we have folks wanting to head into other zones that is fine too!

Keep in mind many people will be drinking alcohol, but that’s not required! Join in with a glass of water or your favourite tea!

Rules tend to change each event, but here’s an example.

Saying any banned words: Take a drink
Green Fish: Take a drink
Blue Fish: Give a drink
Purple Fish: Add or remove a banned word!
Wet Gunny Sack: Pick a friend, you both drink!
Fancy Psijic Bag: Everyone drinks!

Banned words: Fish, bait, lake, motif!

Be sure to check out the events page for other awesome events!

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