Event Schedule Changes for PC

We have some changes to how events are being scheduled for the PC guild.

We will continue to keep the events calendar on the website as up to date as possible, but our main way of informing everyone of events will be via our weekly newsletter (via in game mail), and via the in game Message of the Day!

We are now only planning events for the following week. We realize it was hard for many people to commit a month ahead of time to host an event, so we hope this change allows more members to host events around their schedule! We of course will still accept event ideas and scheduling for farther ahead, and any reoccurring events will continue on!

I thought this would be a good time to explain hosting events to everyone, as I came across a few misconceptions when asking around guild chat.

What level do I need to be to host/lead an event? Any level! We have had many veteran level events only because it has been members with veteran characters who have hosted them! We would love to see more events geared toward lower level characters!

How long do I need to be in the guild before I can host/lead an event? Well, probably a couple days 😉 Really, we love if new members want to dive right in and host events, it’s a great way to meet your fellow guildmates!  There is no need to be a long time member to host an event!

What can I do for an event?/I don’t know what events I can run. Just ask around in guild chat for ideas/suggestions, or speak to an officer! There are a ton of events you can run! Skyshard runs, Dolmen/World boss events, PvP, group dungeon nights, fishing nights etc.!

I don’t know the harder content well. That’s fine! Plenty of events do not need any in game skill to host. Skyrshard runs are as easy as getting an add-on and letting everyone know where to go next. Public dungeon runs are often very large groups where it doesn’t matter if you are not an “elite” player as the sheer numbers of people there make up for that, as well you don’t need to be as coordinated for them as you do for group dungeons. Hosting an event doesn’t mean you necessarily need to know the content well, even a group dungeon night – really, as a host you are gathering everyone together and splitting them into groups – you’re not in charge of explaining each boss fight to all the groups!

Who do I contact if I want to host/lead an event? @MissBizz by either in game mail or whisper! I do prefer in game mails with all the details so it sticks around a bit longer, but definitely whisper me if I’m online so we can chat about it and hash out all the details!

When do I need to let MissBizz know by? If you’d like to host an event, please let MissBizz know as soon as possible! Of course, I am asking all submissions be in before Saturday Noon to allow me to work out any schedule conflicts. Although, if you’d like your event to be in the weekly newletter, you just absolutely need to let me know by Monday noon! Of course, if your letting me know that late it will only be included if you let me know all needed information, PLUS it doesn’t conflict with any other event. The earlier the better! Any events later than that we will add to the Message of the Day (along with all the events featured in the newsletter)

I’m a bit shy/hesitant to run an event, even though I want to. That’s alright! Speak to an officer and we can talk about what type of events you think you would like to host, as well events we think you would be good at. We can also help you out, so the first couple events you host – someone who is comfortable hosting events will be there to answer all your questions or help you out if you need it!


If you’re interested in running an event, please let MissBizz know! Also, if you aren’t quite sure but have any questions I didn’t cover here, feel free to chat me up any time in game!

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