First Guild Event!

Our first official guild event is now taking RSVP’s. This guild event is open to everyone in the guild, although some game relevant requirements need to be met. Please message @MissBizz or leave a comment below to RSVP. You are welcome to join without RSVP’ing, if you are online when the event begins.

Skyshard Gathering in Cyrodill


-Gather as many skyshards as we can in Cyrodill.

-Become closer with fellow guildees.


Level: 10

Faction (of character joining event): Aldermi Dominion

Campaign: Auriel’s Bow

General Info:

Date: May 23, 2014

Time: 8pm MST / 7pm PST / 10pm EST

Location: Cyrodiil

Other Info:

It is recommended that any player who has not entered Cyrodiil takes the time to learn how to enter Cyrodiil, and completes the starter quests. Please ask in chat during the week if you would like a mentor to show you around.

Please ensure you have a few Grand Soul Gems (full) when beginning this event. We will harvest skyshards in the Aldermi Dominion dominated areas first, but will run into other factions and your character may be killed. In order to not have to start at the beginning again, a grand soul gem is needed to resurrect where you were killed.

We would like to see as many people as possible on TeamSpeak during this event. If you do not have TeamSpeak but are interested in setting it up, please ask in game for help installing and setting it up during the week.

Please try to be online 15 minutes prior to event start. We would like to start the event as timely as possible.

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