Guild Event Showcase

Below I will showcase one event from each faction that is happening this March! Remember, this is not a complete list of events, just the one’s we thought were a bit extra special.

Ebonheart Pact
EPS – Ebonheart Pact Sunday
Date: Every Sunday
Time: 3:00pm MST to about 5pm
Every Sunday we have EPS! Although the event is the same date and time each week, we break up the grind by having a different event every week! Come band together with your fellow EP guild members and enjoy something new and exciting every week!

Daggerfall Covenant
Craglorn Questing Night
Date: Every Tuesday
Time: 5:00pm MST to about 7pm
Every single Tuesday Alahni brings a group into Craglorn to complete quests and dungeons! Some of these are pesky to complete and require a group, so it’s a great time for the guild to band together and help everyone out! Every Tuesday Alahni starts with the lowest level quest needed by a member and then continues on to each quest after with the group. This is a great time to work on Craglorn achievements, and maybe event find yourself a couple skyshards!

Aldmeri Dominion
Cyrodiil Questing Night
Date: Monday March 9
Time: 7:00pm MST to about 9pm
Our first ever Cyrodiil questing event! With each new event we will focus on completing all the quests needed to receive the achievement for that town. If we have the time, we will also be grabbing any nearby skyshards and slaying everything in nearby dungeons! If a town completion happens very quickly, we may work on completing a second town during the event. Come join the fun for some achievements, skyshards and maybe even a little PvP!

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