Guild Raffle!

After some donations to the guild, we have decided to have a raffle! This will be a one time thing and is not required of you – it is completely optional!

Raffle Start: NOW!
Raffle End: June 23 7pm EST
Prize #1: 40% of gold, Dubious Camoran Throne Recipe
Prize #2: 10% of gold, Psijic Ambrosia Recipe, 5 Perfect Roe, 1 Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia Drink
Prize #3: 1% of gold, 5 Perfect Roe!

All funds fundraised by this raffle will continue to help fund a guild trader for Lone Wolf Help!

Tickets are 1000 gold, and can be purchased in stacks. To purchase tickets, deposit multiples of 1000 gold directly to the LWH Guild Bank! (If you wish to buy 3 tickets, deposit 3000 gold.)

Drawing at the start of Drunken Fishing Event June 23 at 9pm EST!

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