Looking to become a part of the Lone Wolf Help guild but not sure where you wish to be? Here is an explanation for the ranking system at Lone Wolf Help.



Any ESO player can become an Omega member and stay within the guild. There is no need to apply for Omega status, and no trial period. Omega members are able to buy and sell in the guild store, chat in-game and on Teamspeak. Omega members may also deposit items into the guild bank, but do not have withdrawal privileges. They can request items from the guild bank from an officer.

Omega status is best for people looking to use the guild as a way to sell/buy items, general chat, or looking only to receive help and help others.



Pups are members of the guild who have shown interest and been helpful to the guild. Pups are also given the privilege to release acquisitions in Cyrodiil so they can fight to take a more prominent place for the guild! Members who are active in guild chat, join guilds events, show helpfulness, or run guild events are commonly offered the promotion to pup. This is the first promotion a member can receive in the guild.



Gamma members are the heart of the Lone Wolf Help guild. Gamma members are given privileges to buy and sell in the guild store, deposit and withdraw from the guild bank, and be more involved with the guild.  Although a moderate activity level within the guild is preferred, a low activity person may also be a member to enjoy the perks. To become a Gamma member, you must first become an Pup. Quite often an officer may contact you if they feel you have earned the promotion to Gamma, although you are welcome to ask an officer if you feel you have earned it and it has yet to be offered to you. Upon your promotion you will be on a trial period for the following 2 weeks. As long as you do not break guild or server policies, you will continue to gold Gamma status past the 2 weeks.


Pack Advocate

Pack Advocate’s are veteran members of our guild who have been around longer than even they can remember!  These members have been with the guild for a long time and are easily recognized in the guild when they speak out in guild chat or you see an event led by them. These members are also very knowledgeable about Elder Scrolls Online as they have been playing it for some time. There is no set time length a member must be in Lone Wolf Help to receive the promotion to Pack Advocate, although if you are promoted to it, know your loyalty and commitment to the guild has been recognized.



This position is for members who show a keen interest and high activity level, or any member wishing to help with the guild. Beta members can all help out in different ways, but the responsibility taken on is usually quite small. Gamma or Pack Advocate members may be noticed for their activity and interest in the guild and be given the promotion for what they already do. If you are looking to earn your way to the highest rank below Officers, speak to an officer to see what you can do to help the guild!

-Being exceptionally helpful with players in the guild. Answering questions, offering advice etc.

-Running a minimum of one event per month, preferably two

-Actively recruiting members in and/or out of game. (Posting in zone chat, inviting friends or people you have met in groups, advertising and promoting the guild on website forums)

-Being a master crafter in at least one of the crafts, with regularly taking orders. Also to promote this service to members.

This is by no means a complete list. If you are looking to become a Beta member and have a different idea for how you would be able to help out, be sure to apply! There is currently no limit as to how many Beta members we can have within the guild. Beta members will also fluctuate, as you will lose this status if you no longer continue to help out, but will be immediately promoted back once you begin your duties again.



These positions for members who really want to help the guild and it’s members. Officers are very active within the guild, and help coordinate many things. These members have shown through being members that they enjoy helping everyone, and are friendly. Members are generally expected to reach Beta rank before applying for an officer position, although this requirement may be waived.





If you are currently interested in one of the above open officer positions, or may be in the future, please ask MissBizz about what the role entails, and how you can reach it.