Looking for Event Leaders!

Lone Wolf Help loves being able to have events for all factions and all levels. It’s something that helps bring us together as a community, and get to know each other better. Most guild events are run by our wonderful officers Morgueblade and Alahni! I do try to keep events going for AD myself. We would love to see more members leading events – as this will bring exciting fresh new events to our calendar, as well ensure we have events suitable for all levels! If you decide to run events regularly (min. 1 per month) you also gain the rank of Beta within the guild! There is no need to make a commitment to multiple events. You can lead an event one month, and not the next, it’s completely up to you! If you are interested be sure to let MissBizz, Alahni or Morgueblade know! We are open to all events, whether is be a cross faction trivia night, or just for the faction of your choosing! If you are interested in leading an event, but aren’t sure what to do, feel free to ask around the guild what people would like to see, or speak to an officer and I’m sure we can brainstorm with you!

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