Meeting about Trials!

We have rescheduled the meeting to talk about trials and preparing for Lone Wolf Help to have a trials team. If you are interested in doing trials with the guild – either now or down the line (even if you are not high enough level yet) I ask that you attend! The meeting will be Sunday May 24th at 7pm MDT. If you are interested but can not make the meeting, please be sure to email me at and let me know. I will be sure to email you what we covered during the meeting, and discuss it with you further. I have copied to original post and included it below. If you would like to know more feel free to ask my in game @MissBizz

We unfortunately did not have quite enough interest in trials groups as we had hoped for, although we came very close! Many members who showed interest in trials were not quite a high enough level yet for trials. Although we do not have enough people to set up a trials team yet, some practice before we do would definitely be a good thing!

A great way to prepare yourself for trials is to learn a few key things. Some of these include good teamwork – this includes listening to the leader, as well having an understanding of how your fellow group members will react in certain situations. This allows the team to work more cohesively as a team. As well, learning some more advanced mechanics than what is found in the level 1-50 experience is very beneficial. This will teach you what signs for watch for on a boss so you are aware when a particular mechanic will happen, and can be more prepared for it.

A great way to build all of these things would be some Veteran Dungeon Runs together. As well, once everyone has become quite confident in Veterant Dungeons, they could practice in DragonStar Arena!

I am looking to have a quick meeting with everyone who was, or is now interested in being part of a trials team in the future. The meeting will be held at old date. If you are interested in becoming part of a trials team please attend, we may have had some more interest since our initial reach out and may even bet able to get one together!

If you can not make the meeting although are interested in what will be covered, please let me know!

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