New DC Events Manager!

I am very excited to welcome a new officer to our guild! @Alahni will be taking on the action packed role of DC Events Manager! As an officer, Alahni will also be moderating chat and recruiting, but mostly will be taking care of the DC faction events. If you are looking to lead an event for DC, be sure to let Alahni know! Along with the DC Achievement Nights running every other Wednesday, we are hoping to see some more creative events for all DC characters to join in on! Congratulations on your new role Alahni, I know you will help us take the guild to the next level!

@Alahni’s first event as the official DC Events Manager will be January 3rd @ 6:00pm MST! She will be stumbling us through some Drunken Fishing in Cold Harbour! Be sure to come prepared with bait and congratulate her on her new position!

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