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Guild recommended add ons for ESO have been added to the website! Check it out and feel free to leave comments on what add-ons you love and why.

Auridon Treasure Map Hunt Event has been cancelled due to lack of interest. I would like to do an event June 29th, so if anyone has anything in mind they would love to do, be sure to leave a comment or msg @MissBizz in game.

The July events calendar will be posted in about a week. We have an exciting event planned, so stay tuned! As well, if any members would like to lead an event in July, msg @MissBizz in game and let me know what event you would like to do, along with faction, dates, and times.

We are also now looking for a bank officer, unfortunately @M3teora will soon not be able to put the amount of time into the guild as needed for that position, and we will need a replacement. If you’re interested please apply via the officer application form. We are also still looking for event planners for our guilds main 2 factions, as well would welcome an events planner for Ebonheart.

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