[PC] AD Trials Team Formed!

We have done it! Lone Wolf Help’s AD Trials Team will be looking to step foot in their first trial as a team Wednesday at 7:30pm MDT (9:30pm EDT)! Our AD team will be running trials together every Wednesday at the same time! If you have a VR AD character that is interested in doing trials with the team, please let @MissBizz know, as we are always looking for more people to run with. Everyone is welcome! The Lone Wolf Help trials team will be trying to conquer HelRa first.

With that great news, I will be looking into organizing another trials team – either EP or AD. Later this week I’ll be counting up toons in our Cross Faction Trials Character Profiles thread in our website forums – whichever faction has more people interested will be the one I focus on next. If you’d like to see your faction’s team organized next, be sure to post your profile so it gets counted!

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