General Policies

All guild members are expected to abide by ESO server policies.

Use common sense before expressing an opinion.

Do not instigate any argument or drama.

No sexism, harassment, racism, sexual content etc.

No scamming, hacks, or backstabbing fellow guild members, or anyone in ESO.

For chat in-game and on TeamSpeak, please follow a general “Wheaton’s Law”

We are a friendly casual guild, please try to be considerate when posting Want To Buy and Want To Sell ads, and do not spam them in guild chat.

If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation (whether being targeted, offended, angered etc.) Please let @MissBizz or a guild officer aware immediately! We can be whispered to, mailed in game, or you can email MissBizz at This also goes for if you are a witness to someone not abiding out guild policies – some members may not speak up, please be sure the appropriate people know about the situation! We pride ourselves in being a supportive, friendly and mature guild – we want to ensure we continue this.

Eviction Policy

Unfortunately to keep our member count realistic we must enforce a policy. The last active date is determined by the last day you logged into ESO, not the last day you interacted with the guild. If you will be gone longer than the policy, please let @MissBizz (or another officer) know and a note will be added that the policy does not apply to you.

All members must be active within the last 30 days.


Roster clean ups are a bit random, and tend to be when the guild is near full.