Omega Members

Omega members are eligible to deposit in the guild bank. If an omega member would like an item from the guild bank, please ask the guildmaster or bank manger.

Items put up for sale in the guild store for 1 gold are overflow items from the guild bank. They are way for the guild to give to member who do not have bank access. The items are not meant to be hoarded, and are to be treated as if they were in the bank. Please only purchase what you require, and do not resell these items.

Gamma Members

Gamma members are given the privilege to withdraw from the guild bank on their own. This privilege may, and will be, revoked if an officer finds a member not abiding by the guild bank rules.

Items may only be taken that are for your use. No reselling, trading, or otherwise using the items to obtain currency.


Some members are unsure of the rules, so here are a few rules to follow that are more specific than “give and take”.

Prohibited Items (do not deposit these items)

-Weapons/Armor that is NOT part of a dropped set. Any weapons or armor that is donated to the guild bank and is NOT part of a dropped set, will be deconstructed for the tannins/resins (Tannings/resins will be put in guild bank for guild member use)

-White or Green jewelry

-Do not add provisioning or alchemy ingredients/creations unless you have at least 5, or there is already an existing stack that you are adding to.

-White weapon/armors. (White weapons/armor with traits are allowed)

-No stat-harming potions are to be deposited. (Ravage Potions)

‘Free’ Items

-Primary provisioning ingredients may be withdrawn without the member depositing anything to replace. Reference to ‘primary’ ingredient.

-Green recipes duplicates may be taken without replacement. (Reminder – only for your own use, no reselling)

-Up to 10 normal/fine potions/drinks/food per day, per account.

-White traited weapons/armor for the purpose of research.

Exact Replacement

-Any glyph withdrawn from the bank must be replaced with a glyph of the same colour
-Please ensure you deposit the same amount of glyphs as you withdraw. We understand you would like to deposit extra for others, but this fills up the bank too fast.


Overstock items are sold by guild officers and the profits are donated to the guild bank.