Rank Changes for PC

We are announcing a few new ranks in the guild, along with some changes to how promotions work!

We no longer have forms on the website to apply for a promotion, the forms available are solely for people to request an invite to the guild! What does this mean? Officers are now going to be more proactive about promoting members! We will be slowly handing out promotions during the next few weeks to get everyone to where we think they should be! If you feel you, OR someone else in the guild deserves a promotion, be sure to let MissBizz or an officer know! Nominations from members are something that will help us greatly in promoting those that deserve it!

New ranks! We have not taken away any of the old rank, but have added 2 more! This allows members to progress through the guild more sensibly, rather than being stuck at the same rank for a VERY long time due to the jumps in permissions.

Above Omega (but below Gamma) we have started the Pup position! This position is for members we notice being very helpful, and will be earned before you will be promoted to Gamma – which is where you receive bank withdrawal privileges.

Above Gamma (but below Beta) we have added the Pack Advocate rank! This is very veteran members of the guild, or extremely helpful people who do not help specifically with guild tasks. These members have been around a long time and a knowledgeable about the game! Members who help directly with the guild often may achieve Beta status!

As mentioned above, we will be slowly getting everyone up to par over the next couple weeks. If you feel that you deserve a promotion, or would like to nominate someone, please feel free to send an in game mail or whisper to @MissBizz or any of our fantastic Officers @Ur-Quan @Nestor and @Katiahnya.

You can review all the ranks and their full descriptions here.

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