Trivia Night

Lone Wolf Help is hosting a trvia night! Starting at 7pm on December 21st, the games will begin!

Questions will be divided into 3 sections according to difficulty, hard, medium and easy. The questions will all be about Elder Scrolls lore! Brush up on your lore and come join the fun!

The prize for the winner in the hard category will receive a Dwemer Motif Page!

The winner of the medium category questions will be able to take home either a full custom Superior crafted armor set (2 weapons included!) or their choice of 2 gold glyphs!

The easy category winner will take on the choice of taking home either a 1-9 motif set, or a dozen blue recipes!

This will be a fantastic laid back event to take part in after a long night of Drunken Shards on the 20th! Be sure to be in guild chat at 7pm!

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