Weekly Events

Well it’s a new week and that means we have a new round of events!

December 8th @ 7:00pm
Daggerfall Covenent – Thornblade
@MissBizz will be leading the group through Cyrodiil as we attempt to take over keeps (and claim them as our own) as well as defend our own!

Achievement Night
December 10th @ 7:00pm
Daggerfall Covenant
@Alahni will lead us through some amazing delves and dungeon for our first ever DC Achievement Night! This will eb a biweekly event and is a great time to grab the achievements and skill point you may have missed out on!

Dungeon Night
December 11th @ 8:00pm
Aldmeri Dominion
@PandaBearOsiris will be leading a group of brave AD through whatever dungeon the group chooses! This is a great time to join up with the guild and complete your undaunted pledges for the day!

Deshaan Dolmens and World Bosses
December 14th @ 6:00pm
Ebonheart Pact
@MorgueBlade will lead the crowd via horse, foot, and wayshrine to all the dolmen’s and world bosses of Deshaan. Of course, she will also lead everyone to victory at each stop! Come join in the fun no matter what level you are!

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