Welcome PS4 Players

Welcome to the great Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited!

Lone Wolf Help has expanded into PS4! We are looking for officers, as well a guildmaster of the PS4 branch. Although past (or current) PC members are preferred, we are open to accepting applications from new-to-the-game players as well! Be sure to contact MissBizz! There is multiple ways youcan contact me – via PSN, via the PC game (mail), or via the official ESO forums.

Currently the website and associated pages are set up completely for the PC guild. We will begin adding console specific sections as required, but our motto and general attitude is the same for both branches! We are a friendly casual guild, tailored for the solo player who knows sometimes you need a hand. We of course hope to grow our PS4 branch to be as robust, helpful, mature, social and active guild as our current PC guild!

Of course, we are accepting members into the PS4 guild! Rather than using the Omega application under the join tab (which is currently geared towards the PC guild) we ask that all prospective PS4 members contact MissBizz through any means, or sign up for our forums and leave a reply on the appropriate thread!

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